Focusing on the goodies, our company have today a special relevance in all of the Portuguese market with his brand Interdoces.

The brand Interdoces has a wide range of delicacies, with the intention of presenting on the market articles in different formats, innovative and of undeniable quality.


Available in packs of 150g, 90g and 500g, the Gums (Gomas) are one of the biggest bets of the company, which makes a point in getting a wide assortment of references available, creating conditions for the construction of a fun and colorful linear. Distinguishing between Sugar and Shine, it is possible to find the most varied forms: Sharks, Bears, Worms, Bananas, Blackberries, Kisses …
Within the same grammage of 150g, there are also the chewing gums.


Interdoces has developed the “Chupa Pirulito”, with the purpose of presenting a different lollipop on the market …


With the new bag of 60g of Marshmallows, the “family” Interdoces is a joy for children.